Scarlett's LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Things get a bit steamier as Scarlett poses her LLC in bed with just some sexy lingerie. There are some real gems in this gallery, so check it out!


Scarlett's LLC - Part 1

150 pics

The very beautiful Scarlett is new at Cast Fetish and these pictures were taken just a few hours ago! In this 150 picture gallery, she's posing her LLC on the couch with a Chuck Taylor shoe. This is only the second time she's modeled, but I think you'll agree that she's very good at it!


Unicorn Sprinkles' Green LLC, Reagan's Black LAC

130 pics

DJCasts brings us another two girl set with Unicorn Sprinkles in the green LLC and Reagan in the black LAC. As you can see, things get hot in this set.


Ayn's Faux Term Plaster DLAC

60 pics

I just got home from this shoot, so these pics are fresh out of the camera! Ayn is a new model with a great attitude that had a blast. In her first cast shoot, she's wearing two faux term plaster LACs. Clip coming up this week.


Jessica Lynn's Faux Term DSLC - Part 3

90 pics

Jessica finishes peeling off her socks to reveal a set of extremely worn and dirty SLCs, then she does a bunch of hot poses on the couch.


Jessica Lynn's Faux Term DSLC - Part 2

70 pics

It's now "weeks later" and Jessica has broken her other leg and now has two SLCs. She's wearing tube socks and cast shoes and starts to take them off!


Jessica Lynn's Faux Term DSLC - Part 1

50 pics

Jessica Lynn is in just one SLC with a sock and cast shoe, just like the first part of her clip. She poses with crutches and starts to take her sock off.


Paradise Goes Antiquing in a FT LLC - Part 2

50 pics

That awesome half-hour Paradise clip expires tomorrow. Here's the matching gallery. She's now in an electric scooter with her cast propped up on a crutch!


Sugarfut's Purple SLC

11 pics

Here's some new pics sent in by Sugarfut of her purple SLC. She says "we will do a llc when we hit 1k on Instagram..... also we have casts on auction and we just bought some crutches:)"


Adara Jordan's Red LLC - Part 3

90 pics

Adara is now completely nude on the bed posing her red LLC with her hot, tan body. This gallery is so hot, the preview above does not do it justice.


Adara Jordan's Red LLC - Part 2

70 pics

The super hot and cute Adara Jordan strips down to her lingerie in this set. The poses get even hotter and she shows more of her body and even takes some pics with my camera from her POV of her red LLC and high heel.


Paradise Goes Antiquing in a FT LLC - Part 1

60 pics

Paradise heads out to the antique mall in her faux term LLC. In this gallery, she's crutching around, shopping, and posing her LLC with antiques.


Adara Jordan's Red LLC - Part 1

80 pics

The incredibly sexy Adara Jordan is back in a red LLC. Starting off with with a tube sock over her LLC, a heel, and fully clothed, the pictures become increasingly revealing. Stay tuned for some even hotter galleries.


Tristan's Blue LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Now Tristan is laying in bed, half asleep with her cute sock pulled up over her blue LLC. She changes positions to get comfortable and admires her cast.


EJ and Wife's Three Day SLC Vacation - Part 3

60 pics

On the last day of their vacation, EJ gets some nice shots of his wife relaxing in bed and some nice close-ups And even some pics of her foot after the removal.


EJ and Wife's Three Day SLC Vacation - Part 2

135 pics

It's another big day for EJ's wife in her black SLC. the gallery starts with her getting ready in the morning, then she heads out on her scooter to spend the day in public. They go antiquing and to other stores with great close-up shots.


Tristan's Blue LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Tristan is our newest model at CF and she's really cool and enjoyed the shoot. She's friends with Jessica Lynn and we did this first shoot at her place. Stay tuned for another gallery with lots of shots of her socks on both feet.


EJ and Wife's Three Day SLC Vacation - Part 1

90 pics

EJ and wife recently went on a three day vacation with her in a black SLC. In this gallery, they visit some historical places with her on a knee scooter, then cast shoe. Then some nice closeup shots of her SLC while she naps.


Sage's Pink DSLC & Reagan's Orange LLC

70 pics

DJCasts has done another hot shoot with the sexy Sage and Reagan. These girls are having fun in their LLC and DSLC and strip naked in this gallery!


Victoria's Foot/Cast Worship LLC

70 pics

Victoria starts out with a big, thick sock pulled up over her LLC, then takes it off to reveal a stocking. Then she teases with the stocking and casted toes.


Chasity's Faux Term Plaster LAC and Lingerie

70 pics

The beautiful Chasity is back in some red lingerie modeling a faux term plaster LAC. The gallery starts off with selfies and then some sexy poses.


Jennifer's Purple LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Jennifer is now wearing only lingerie and her purple LLC showing off her hot tan body on the bed. Let me know what you'd like to see Jennifer do next!


Jennifer's Purple LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Welcome our newest model Jennifer as she makes her Cast Fetish debut in a purple LLC. Jennifer has a great body and is very fit. She crutches for the first time and poses as if she's trying to stretch and excercise in her LLC. She found the casting experience "very interesting". Great pics inside!


Jessica Lynn's Faux Term Plaster LAC - Part 3

100 pics

I don't know if words can express how hot this gallery is. If you thought the last gallery was sexy, wait until you see this! This gallery is mostly POV shots in bed from above and below Jessica. The previews above are nothing compared to what's in the gallery, so go see for yourself!


Sugarfut's Grey SLC and Boot

15 pics

Here's some new pics sent in by Sugarfut of her in a grey SLWC and boot!


Jessica Lynn's Faux Term Plaster LAC - Part 2

100 pics

This gallery gets super HOT! Definitely some of the hottest pictures I've taken of Jessica Lynn. It starts out with her outside taking some selfies with her glasses on. The lighting is perfect to get some super detailed pictures of her LAC. Then, we head to the bedroom where she gets naked and does some amazing nude shots on the bed.


Jessica Lynn's Santa DLLC - Part 2

100 pics

This shoot was all improvised and Jessica and I had a lot of fun coming up with ideas. The socks were her idea and they look great over her LLCs.


Sugarfut's Green SLC and Pink SLC

23 pics

Check out Sugarfut's cute casted toes in these contribution pictures! Here's what she has to say about them: "I broke this ankle originally in 2015 and was put in a boot. I have always wanted a cast and was pretty bummed out that I ended up in a boot. So now I have chronic ankle pain and I rec cast and it feels good to have ankle support:) SUGARFUT"


Jessica Lynn's FT Plaster LAC Selfie Gallery

8 pics

Here's a small gallery of the selfies that Jessica took on the shoot and then texted me afterward. This gallery is free, so enjoy!


Jessica Lynn's Santa DLLC - Part 1

100 pics

This is a special pictures-only set from yesterday. Jessica Lynn gets dressed up as Santa with nothing but lingerie and red/green LLCs under the costume!


Jessica Lynn's Faux Term Plaster LAC - Part 1

100 pics

Jessica's LAC is about one week old and has a few signatures and a slight sheen. She's wearing panties, a baggy t-shirt, no-makeup, and glasses. She poses on the couch with her LAC, pulling up her shirt and being a tease.


DJCasts' Sage's LLC and Reagan's LAC Pics

70 pics

In this gallery the sexy Sage and Reagan draw on each other's casts, then get nude to do some hot poses together on the couch and with the stripper pole!


Victoria's Faux Term Pink/Purple LLC - Part 3

90 pics

Here's the final gallery of Victoria for a total of 250 great shots of her LLC. She's looking absolutely gorgeous on the back porch as she props her feet up on the table and then shows off her cast in some standing shots.


Victoria's Faux Term Pink/Purple LLC - Part 2

60 pics

Now Victoria is on the couch with a retro tube sock pulled up over her cast. She takes her sweet time pulling it off and then props up her filthy six week old LLC on the arm of the couch so you can rub her toes.


Victoria's Faux Term Pink/Purple LLC - Part 1

100 pics

The beautiful Victoria is posing on her bed in her filthy old pink and purple LLC, just like the scene from the video. She loves how dirty her cast looks, especially around her toes, so she holds her foot up close to the camera.


Victoria's Faux Term Purple LAC Selfie Pics

75 pics

This gallery is almost all selfies taken by Victoria with a cell phone in bed. Going with the theme of the video, she's teasing her friend that likes casts :)


Victoria's Faux Term Pink/Purple LLC Selfie Pics

20 pics

I've got so many pics that I thought I'd post this selfie gallery for free. These are the selfies that Victoria takes in the video to lure Jessica's boyfriend over.


Angel's Public ALLC & Sock - Part 3

70 pics

Here's the last gallery of Angel with her angled LLC. She shows off her cast, poses her sock-clad feet together, then takes off the big sock.


Chasity and Alexa's Red/Blue LLCs - Part 3

75 pics

In this gallery, the beautiful Chasity and Alexa are on the bed, posing their LLCs together. They peel off each other's tube socks for some nice foot shots.


Chasity and Alexa's Red/Blue LLCs - Part 2

75 pics

If you liked the last gallery of Chasity and Alexa, you're going to love this one too. In this gallery Chasity and Alexa go outside to pose in front of the graffiti. They're looking amazing in their LLCs and socks as they pose them together.


Bella's Black SS

30 pics

Happy Turkey Day. Here's some pics of Bella in her SS after we got back from the arcade. It was freezing out, so we didn't take very many pics.


DJCasts' Sage Black LLC

70 pics

DJCasts also casted Sage at the same time as Reagan. She is posing her LLC and casted toes around the house. She gets nude in the last couple pics.


DJCasts' Reagan Orange LAC

85 pics

Here's DJCasts cute new model Reagan in a Halloween orange LAC. She's only wearing a corset and panties and posing with a stripper pole in this gallery.


Paradise's Green LLC - Part 2

65 pics

Paradise's latest clip expires soon. In this gallery, she's posing her very long casted leg and cute toes as she props her LLC up on the rail. A lot of the pictures are same-y, but I think they're great so I left them in!


Angel's Public ALLC & Sock - Part 2

65 pics

In this gallery, Angel is drawing on her LLC at the mall, first with her sock on and then with her sock off. Then there's some sock play in the garage!


Chasity and Alexa's Red/Blue LLCs - Part 1

75 pics

Chasity (red LLC) and Alexa (blue LLC) are back in 90° LLCs with matching tube socks and Converse shoes. In this gallery they pose their casts together in a wheelchair in front of a white backdrop. Much more to come!


Jessica Lynn's Hallween DLLC - Part 2

100 pics

Happy Halloween! Here's 100 more Jessica Lynn pics in her Halloween costume and DLLCs for you to enjoy. This gallery has some sexy nudes!


DJCasts Deana Deadly Halloween LLC - Part 2

100 pics

DJCasts' Halloween LLC set continues with Deana Deadly posing outdoors, then going inside and taking off her clothes for some nude shots!


DJCasts Deana Deadly Halloween LLC - Part 1

125 pics

Check out DJCasts' latest casting adventure with Deana Deadly just in time for Halloween. She's in a Halloween LLC and looking quite goth in this set. You may have seen her casted before when she modeled for another caster. She says she had a great time with it. Lots more to come.


Jessica Lynn's Hallween DLLC - Part 1

100 pics

Here's a Hallween treat for you I did yesterday with Jessica Lynn. She's in her sexy Hallween costume and orange and black LLCs! This gallery is really hot, but the next one is probably even hotter. One more gallery coming soon.


Arwin's LLC - Part 2

50 pics

In this gallery, Arwin is posing totally nude in her LLC... standing, on the bed, and on a desk. Log in now to check out these 50 hot new pics!


Arwin's LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Welcome our beautiful new model Arwin to CastFetish! She's a fun redhead with great feet. In this gallery, she poses by a fountain with pink water and some Hallween decorations. Then she takes off her boot to pose her feet.


Angel's Public ALLC & Sock - Part 1

70 pics

These pics were taken right after visiting the first store. She's wearing her cut off jeans and posing her LLC with an without her big sock.


Jessica Lynn's FT Purple LLC & Black SLC - 3

75 pics

One final hot gallery of Jessica Lynn posing her extremely worn purple LLC. This gallery has some really great angles and closeups of her LLC.


DJCasts' Mimi Red DSLC

100 pics

DJCasts' put this cute new model in one red SLC with black stockinette and sexy lingerie and then added another pointed red SLC. According to DJCasts, she loved the casts and she said they even turned her on!


Jessica Lynn's FT Purple LLC & Black SLC - 2

60 pics

In this gallery, Jessica is posing her extremely worn purple SLC. She's only wearing a bra and nude panties. Log in now to check out these 60 hot pics.


Jessica Lynn's FT Purple LLC & Black SLC - 1

50 pics

These pics are from an upcoming clip of Jessica that starts out with her in an old LLC about to come off and then ends up with a black SLC. I decided to post the pics from the end of the clip first. In this gallery, Jessica is posing her new SLC with her old purple LLC, while admiring and comparing them!


Chasity and Alexa's SLCs - Part 2

60 pics

In this gallery, the beautiful Chasity and Alexa go up on the balcony and dangle their SLCs over the side for an awesome view of their SLCs and toes!


Chasity and Alexa's SLCs - Part 1

75 pics

Meet these cute new models I recently discovered on Facebook. Chasity, on the left and Alexa on the right, were really fun. Email me and let me know if you'd like to see them back in some LLCs!


Victoria's Arm Break Plaster LAC

60 pics

This gallery is from the part of the video that Victoria breaks her arm on the way to get her LLC removed and she's relaxing on the couch in her LAC.


Victoria's Faux Med Black LLC

100 pics

Here's the first 100 pictures from Victoria's new video in her faux med black LLC. She's looking stunning as usual and posing her beat up LLC on the bed.


Paradise's Green LLC - Part 1

55 pics

The gorgeous Paradise is back in a green, angled LLC looking amazing in these pics. This are fresh out of the camera from this afternoon!


Jessica Lynn's Faux Term LLC & Plaster LATS - 2

60 pics

The sexiness continues with 60 more hot pictures of Jessica's dirty, beat up LLC and newish plaster LATS. Includes some hot detailed closeup shots!


Jessica Lynn's Faux Term LLC & Plaster LATS

75 pics

Here's 75 beautiful pictures of the sexy Jessica Lynn posing her filthy old LLC with her plaster LATS on the bed. She's only wearing panties in this gallery.


Jasmine's FT Red LLC & LAC

90 pics

This is the gallery that goes with "Jasmine's Real Cast Story". Jasmine models her dirty old LLC & LAC with her beautiful smile and sexy poses.


Paradise's Swimsuit LLC - Part 2

70 pics

And here's one more gallery of Paradise looking smoking hot in her bikini and LLC. She starts off indoors in a classy outfit and then does some sexy urban bikini shots outside.


Paradise's Swimsuit LLC - Part 1

70 pics

The beautiful Paradise is back in an angled LLC for this year's swimsuit edition :) Paradise is looking stunning in her LLC and bathing suit as she poses her LLC and cute toes on the beach. More coming up!


Jessica Lynn's Hot Date FT SLC & LAC - Part 2

100 pics

The pictures get even hotter as Jessica gets completely nude and poses around her bed posts and in bed with her dirty old SLC & LAC. Then she poses with her removed SLC with an LAC still on.


Jessica Lynn's Hot Date FT SLC & LAC - Part 1

105 pics

Here's the first gallery from Jessica's "Hot Date" clip! Jessica is beautiful in her faux term SLC & LAC as she poses around the bedroom. The poses get HOT and she gives us a peek under her dress!


DJCasts' Vixxen's Pink/Black DSLC - 2

100 pics

This is the gallery I was talking about where the sexy Vixxen gets even hotter in her DSLCs. She gets naked showing off her hot body and then DJCasts goes Mr. Grey on her! Log in now to check out this sexy 100 picture gallery!


Jasmine's Plaster LLWC - Part 2

90 pics

Here's the rest of Jasmine's plaster LLWC. We get some fun shots on the playground and then head downtown to get some beautiful pics in front of the fountains and in her wheelchair with the foot rests.


Jasmine's Plaster LLWC - Part 1

100 pics

I think it's been well over a year since we've seen Jasmine on the site. She's back in a plaster LLWC wearing a bikini under her black dress. We were going to go to the beach, but it was too rainy. Instead, we started the shoot at the park and finished downtown. She's looking beautiful as ever with a tan and red toe nails in her thick plaster LLWC.


DJCasts' Vixxen's Pink/Black DSLC

100 pics

DJCasts brings us more with the very sexy Vixxen. He documents the entire casting experience from her having one black SLC, changing clothes, getting bound, getting another SLC, getting bound again, and that's just the beginning. Stay tuned for the next gallery where things get even hotter!


DJCasts' Roxy's Pink/Red DLAC

90 pics

Remember DJCasts' friend Roxy in the pink camo SLC? She's back in a couple of arm casts for some indoor nudes and bondage. Then they head out for some publicking at an adult store and a convenience store!


DJCasts' Harley Quinn's Red/Black Striped LLC

150 pics

Today's update is DJCasts' latest model, the very cute Harley Quinn. She's in a very nice red/black striped LLC, starting off in a robe without makeup and then some hot indoor pics and some outdoor pics. Lots of nice angles and closeups of her cute toes.


Victoria's Pink Toeplate LLWC - 2

100 pics

Victoria is looking especially gorgeous posing her pink LLWC outside in this 100 picture gallery with lots of great closeup shots!


DJCasts' Vixxen's Pink LLC & LAC

24 pics

Here's a small gallery of DJCasts latest casting session with the very sexy Vixxen! A short clip is coming up soon.


Victoria's Pink Toeplate LLWC

80 pics

In this gallery Victoria models her pink LLWC with toe plate on the front porch. These were taken after the video. I'll do a better toe plate next time!


Paradise's DLAC Picnic

100 pics

Paradise is out at a public park in her DLACs looking gorgeous. She's looking for a spot to put her picnic blanket and basket. The pics in this set just keep getting better as they go. Stay tuned for an awesome clip of this!


Angel Breaks Her Leg - Pointed LLC Pics

80 pics

Like in the video, Angel is back in a pointed LLC with socks. First she poses with her socks, then she takes them off and does some sexy bed poses.


Angel Breaks Her Leg - Soft Cast Pics

100 pics

In this gallery, Angel poses her soft cast and sock clad foot in some sexy poses on the couch. Then, at the end of the gallery, Angel's leg is obviously broken and she is clearly in pain as she prepares to head to the hospital.


Victoria's SAC

60 pics

Having an SAC never looked so good. Victoria poses in the kitchen, at the computer and outside trying to give herself a foot rub like in the video.


Paradise's Light Blue SLC - Part 2

100 pics

Paradise continues her day out in her light blue SLC in this next 100 pictures at the conservatory. She had a lot of fun and got a little wore out from all the crutching.


Paradise's Light Blue SLC - Part 1

100 pics

It's great to get back to doing some public shoots again. The beautiful Paradise and I met at a very nice, very busy park for this shoot. She has a light blue SLC and light blue toe nails. More to come from this shoot!


Victoria's Foot/Cast Worship SLC - 2

55 pics

Here's Victoria's second gallery from her foot worship SLC video. These pics go right along with her video. She's laying in bed, looking to get some attention for her sore foot and casted toes.


Victoria's Foot/Cast Worship SLC - 1

30 pics

This small gallery is just the outside pictures that I took along with Victoria's new clip. Enjoy these hot pictures of Victoria on the stairs and porch. Stay tuned for inside pics!


Victoria's Pink CLC

50 pics

I've gotten so many requests for Victoria in a CLC over the past year, so here's Victoria in a pink CLC posing out back. There's a matching clip coming up next.


Zoey's Pink LLC - Part 2

70 pics

And this gallery is 70 more pics of Zoey. First she takes off her shoe and poses her feet together, then she changes into something sexier for some poses on the bed. Video coming soon!


Paradise's LLWC - Part 3

70 pics

This is the last gallery from Paradise's LLWC. In this gallery, she's propping her feet up and posing her LLWC casted toes and looking gorgeous. There's 70 great pics. Stay tuned for the clip!


Zoey's Pink LLC - Part 1

50 pics

Here's the new model Zoey, not to be confused with the very popular Zoe. Although she does have some things in common with Zoe, including dark hair with a nice tan body and toes. In this gallery she poses her pink LLC standing up on crutches. There's more from her to come, so stay tuned!


Paradise's LLWC - Part 2

70 pics

The stunning Paradise is back with another LLWC gallery. This studio gallery is mostly her doing standing poses and she looks absolutely beautiful. I've got one more gallery of her coming up with some nice close-up shots so check back soon!


Victoria's Faux Term Blue LLC - Part 2

100 pics

This is the last 100 pictures of Victoria's faux term blue LLC. It looks like it's been on for a couple of months and is completely covered in signatures. Victoria poses with socks on and off and there's lots of very detailed close-up shots of her casted toes!


Angel's Pointed Angled LLC - Part 2

50 pics

This gallery is 50 more beautiful pics of Angel in her pointed LLC. These pics were taken at the end of a long day of shopping. There's some really great shots in here you won't want to miss!


Paradise's LLWC - Part 1

75 pics

Paradise is the latest Cast Fetish model and she is gorgeous. She's got an LLWC on her long leg and modeling outside a building in this set. The next gallery is even better so stay tuned. As always, let me know what you think and what you'd like to see her do next.


Victoria's Faux Term Blue LLC

110 pics

It's been a while since I posted any new Victoria stuff and this new set was worth the wait! Victoria's in a light blue LLC that is angled and pointed and it looks pretty old. She's wearing layers of tube socks over it and in this gallery, she takes layers of socks on and off, showing off her hot, angled cast and toes and then covering it up again.


DJCasts' Robin DLAC & Haley DLLC

250 pics

This is no April Fools joke. Actually, it's so awesome, it's almost funny. This is a HUGE, super hot gallery from DJCasts featuring Robin and a super sexy new model Haley. It starts out with Robin in DLACs and Haley helping her change clothes, then Haley getting casted in pink LLCs and crawling to the bedroom. From there, these girls go through tons of sexy poses and even end up with their casts bound together with rope.


Angel's Pointed Angled LLC - Part 1

50 pics

Here's 50 Angel pics that we took at the end of the day of shopping. We stopped by a park and took some pictures out in the woods.


Tosha's Blue LLC Nude Gallery

100 pics

The very sexy curvy model Tosha is back in this hot 100 picture gallery. She's totally nude in all the pictures posing her LLC and casted toes on the bed and standing up.


Jessica Lynn's "Intruder Leg Break" SLC & Socks

100 pics

This gallery is for sock lovers. These pictures were taken right after we finished up making the "intruder" clip. Jessica poses her sexy, casted, sock covered toes while adjusting her socks. Then she gradually takes off her socks and puts on a different pair.


Tosha's Blue LLC - Part 1

95 pics

Check out what I just did! Earlier today I met the very cute and curvy Tosha for sort of a "tryout" shoot. She didn't disappoint. In this gallery she models her blue LLC and eventually gets naked in the wheelchair. Stay tuned because I've got an all nude gallery of her coming up. Let me know what you think of her and what you'd like to see her do next.


Robin's Grey LLC by DJCasts

145 pics

Robin is DJCasts' latest model and she's in a nice grey LLC with pink stockinette. This is a super hot gallery in which Robin gets totally nude and by the end of the set, she's bound with rope.


Angel's LLC - Part 2

70 pics

Here's the last 70 pictures from Angel's cast talk LLC shoot. She's looking beautiful on the back porch with her cut off jeans. She poses with crutches and then poses her toes.


Angel's LLC - Part 1

60 pics

Victoria's sister, the beautiful Angel is back in a white LLC and jeans cut off to show her whole cast. This gallery is a preview of the clip that's coming up on Friday where Angel talks about how she ended up in the cast.


Misty's Faux Term Pointed SLC - Part 1

50 pics

It's now several weeks later for Misty's faux term SLC and it is completely covered in signatures, dirty, and tattered. Misty is wearing a cute dress and posing her cast. Stay tuned for some nice close-up shots.


Misty's Pointed SLC

50 pics

This is the first gallery of Misty's pointed SLC. It's fresh and new and she grasps it as if it's real. She's wearing it a big sock over her cast and then peels it off. Up next, we cut to several weeks in the future when her cast is extremely worn looking.


Victoria's Faux Term Plaster LAC - Part 3

50 pics

Here's the last of the pictures from Victoria's three day plaster LAC. These are the pictures that I took on the last day before it came off. The cast is covered in signatures and nice and shiny from being in the sling for three days.


Bella Breaks Her Leg and Gets Blue LLC Pics

50 pics

Here's 50 pictures of Bella's dirty old faux term LLC from her leg break clip! These pics were taken about mid-way through the video filming.


Victoria's Faux Term Plaster LAC - Part 2

50 pics

I almost forgot to post these beautiful Victoria plaster LAC pictures. These are the pictures that I took after she had been wearing the cast for two days. And I've still got some more pictures from this shoot that I'll post soon.


Victoria's Pointed Black LLC Rock Star Pics

100 pics

I thought it would be fitting to post this gallery for Valentine's Day because it's some of the most beautiful Victoria pictures ever. This gallery is an throwback to the Sam green LLC pics I took about 10 years ago. Log in now to check out this awesome gallery!


Victoria's Pointed Black LLC at Home

80 pics

Typical gorgeous Victoria at home just relaxing on the couch with her black LLC and white sock over it. This gallery has some beautiful pics of Victoria and brings the total pics from this cast to over 300 and perhaps the best pics are still to come! Stay tuned :)


Victoria's Pointed Black LLC at the Mall

105 pics

Here's a gallery of Victoria at the mall to go with the clip. She crutches around with the white sock on, goes up and down stairs and poses with mall decorations.


Victoria's Pointed Black LLC

135 pics

I'm really excited to start posting this great set. Victoria is back in black and it's her first black LLC since her very first shoot. Normally, I try to post pictures in smaller chunks, but there were just so many great pics from the park, I had to post 135. Log in now to check out the gorgeous Victoria's first gallery and stay tuned for much more!


Misty's High Burgundy LLWC

100 pics

This is a beautiful new model Misty and I think you can expect to see much more of her. This shoot is proof that it pays to send in requests because I received a request for more high LLWCs that morning. It's not as high as the one Victoria had, but it's high. Let me know what you think about this cute new model and what cast you'd like to see her in next!


Victoria's 3 Day Plaster LAC - Part 2

100 pics

And here's the next 100 pictures from Victoria's 3 Day plaster LAC. These pictures are mostly from Tuesday and Wednesday.


Victoria Faux Term Plaster LAC - Part 1

50 pics

This gallery goes with the Victoria Breaks Her Arm clip posted on Monday. These pics show Victoria with her fresh plaster LAC in a sling. These pictures were taken Tuesday last week after she spent the night in it.


Victoria's 3 Day Plaster LAC - Part 1

100 pics

Victoria just finished up a three day plaster LAC (from Monday until Thursday). I didn't bother trying to divide the pics into days like I have before. Here's the first 100 and it's got pics from Monday and Tuesday.


Rose's Red SLWC - Part 2

70 pics

Remember the goth model Rose in her high red SLWC? Well here's some more pictures that I'm just now getting around to posting. She looks great in this cast.


Victoria's 2 Day Plaster LLC, Extra Pics - Inside

50 pics

And now the final gallery of Victoria's two day plaster LLC and it's particularly good. Victoria peels off her socks slowly before posing with her LLC on the couch.


Victoria's 2 Day Plaster LLC, Extra Pics - Outside

50 pics

I almost forgot I had these beautiful pictures from Victoria's 2 day plaster LLC. These are the pics I took right before her LLC came off. Stop by tomorrow for another gallery!


Jessica Lynn's Xmas LLC & CLC - Part 3

100 pics

And now, one last sexy gallery of Jessica in her LLC & CLC. Log in now to check out this hot 100 picture gallery.


Jessica Lynn's Xmas LLC & CLC - Part 2

100 pics

Jessica's Xmas DLLC continues in this hot 100 picture gallery. She loses the robe and poses in front of the Chrstmas tree and fireplace.


Jessica Lynn's Xmas LLC & CLC - Part 1

100 pics

Here's a special holiday treat for you. Jessica is all casted up for the holidays in a festive LLC and CLC. In this gallery, she mostly hides her matching sexy outfit under a robe while she poses with the Christmas tree.


Christie's Orange LLC - Part 2

50 pics

And here's 50 more orange LLC pics of the beautiful Christie modeling around the building. Look for more of her soon!


Kiara's LLC

30 pics

Here's some pictures I did yesterday of a new model Kiara with a white LLC.


Rose's Red SLWC - Part 1

70 pics

Check out my latest model Rose. She's the goth type and really cute. She's in a Red SLWC with the heel bar with her toe nails painted black.


Christie's Orange LLC - Part 1

50 pics

Christie is a gorgeous new model that once broke her leg playing soccer. She was a lot of fun and looking forward to the next shoot. We picked orange to go with her outfit. Let me know what you'd like to see her do next!


Victoria's 2 Day Plaster LLC - Part 2

185 pics

Check out Victoria's second day in her plaster LLC in this huge gallery. She continues decorating for Christmas and gets some sexy bedroom pics.


DJCasts' Lexxi Red & Blue Camo LLC

55 pics

DJCasts' super sexy model Lexxi is back posing in a red and blue striped LLC. Log in now to check out these 55 hot pictures and stay tuned for a clip!


Victoria's 2 Day Plaster LLC - Part 1

135 pics

This gallery is from Victoria's 2 Day plaster LLC day 1, last Monday. Victoria poses around the house and decorates the Christmas tree in her plaster LLC.


Bella's Burgundy DLATS

35 pics

Bella poses her long arm thumb spicas inside, then goes and gets some ice cream and then she stops to play in the leaves.


Victoria's 2 Day Plaster LLC Application

50 pics

As you know, Victoria is back in town and I literally just got home from putting her in a plaster LLC. She's keeping it on until Wednesday afternoon. Here's some pics Victoria took during the application and some I took right before I left!


Skylar's Nude Halloween DSLC Pics

70 pics

And here is the last gallery of Skylar's Halloween DSLC. In this gallery she strips off the lingerie and does some very sexy poses with her DSLCs.


DJCasts' Sarah's Red LLC & Abby's Blue Camo LAC

50 pics

In this gallery, Abby gets a blue camo LAC and the girls get a little more intimate as you can see in the middle pic above. Kudos to DJCasts for another hot set.


DJCasts' Sarah's Red LLC w/ Friend Abby

60 pics

DJCasts' latest model is Sarah and she's modeling a nice red LLC in a t-shirt and panties. She's relaxing on the couch, up on crutches, smoking and getting her cast signed by Abby! Really sexy gallery and so is the next one!


Skylar's Supergirl Halloween DSLC - Part 2

30 pics

Another installment of Skylar's Halloween DSLC. In this gallery, she's posing her SLCs in some sexy lingerie.


Skylar's Supergirl Halloween DSLC - Part 1

90 pics

After posing for some leg and feet pics, Skylar gets a black SLC and an orange SLC. She starts off doing some standing poses and then does some super sexy poses on the chair and bed.


Skylar's Supergirl Feet

45 pics

I get requests for pictures before I put the cast on, so here's a gallery of Skylar before she got her DSLCs. The Halloween fun continues as Skylar poses her legs and feet in a Supergirl costume! Check back tomorrow to see her in her DSLC.


Jessica Lynn's Halloween LLC - Part 2

80 pics

If you liked the first gallery of Jessica's 90 degree black LLC, then you're going to love this one. First, she poses on the steps in lingerie in a semi-public area. Then, we head out in public for some Halloween shopping. Log in now to check out this hot gallery.


Jessica Lynn's Halloween LLC - Part 1

60 pics

So, right off the bat (no pun intended) today, I drop and break my good camera. But I didn't let that stop me from doing this awesome, fun shoot with Jessica. She's dressed up as that universal girl's halloween costume this year, with fishnets under her cast. All these hot pics were taken with my phone and there's lots more to come!


Victoria's Uber LLC Ride Stills

40 pics

The Victoria's Uber LLC Ride clip is so good that I felt like grabbing some still frames from it and making a gallery. So, here's some screen grabs that I like in a gallery. Enjoy!


Victoria's Faux Term LLC Pics

70 pics

Here is the gallery that goes with "Victoria's Uber LLC Ride". These 70 pics may be some of the best Victoria pictures yet. She looks absolutely stunning in her worn LLC.


Victoria Faux Term LLC Cell Phone Shots

15 pics

Here's some shots of Victoria that were taken with my cell phone by Victoria's sister Angel and myself during some down time. These pics are a sneak preview of what her cast looks like in her next clip that's coming up in less than a week.


Brittany's Pink & Black SLCs & More by DJCasts

270 pics

This is one epic gallery by DJCasts. The hot model Brittany starts out in a pink SLC with black stockinette and then gets a black SLC with pink stockinette. After some pictures around the house, her SLCs get wrapped in plastic so she can go skinny dipping! Later, she gets a blue camo LAC, a green SLC, and a red LLC! At the end she has a blue camo SLC.


Callie Klein's Pink LLC by DJ Casts

100 pics

Here's the latest offering from DJCasts. He has sent in 100 pictures of the super cute Callie Klein in a pink LLC. There's lingerie pics, some rope play and totally nude pics.


Jessica Lynn's LLC Pics

100 pics

Check out what I did today! I'm going to try not to gush too much over this model, but I want to. Today is the debut of a model I think you're going to see a lot of in the future. She is beautiful, super sexy, and loved modeling her LLC. She's just awesome. Stay tuned for video!


Victoria Breaks Her Leg LLC Pics

60 pics

Wow, Victoria is back and looking absolutely stunning in her LLC. She makes some pouty faces while holding her cast, then heads upstairs to pose with her socks.


Lina's LLC Pics - Part 2

45 pics

In this gallery, Lina and I head outside for pictures. I just told her to pose however she wants and she did a great job.


Lina's LLC Pics - Part 1

55 pics

When I first saw Lina, I thought "Wow!". In this gallery, she's wearing a short black dress and black heel with her LLC. She loved modeling in a cast and said it was so fun.


DJCasts' Brittany's Pink LLC

80 pics

DJCasts is back with another sexy model in a pink LLC, corset, pantyhose and heels!


Natalie's Hinged LLWC & DLAC

50 pics

Natalie poses her hinged LLWC and DLAC in a studio after shooting a lot of video!


Natalie's DSLC - Part 2

135 pics

The gorgeous Natalie shows off her SLCs in some very sexy studio poses.
Tracey's Black LLC - Part 2
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Natalie's DSLC - Part 1
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Tracey's Black LLC - Part 1
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Savannah's LLC - Part 2
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Savannah's LLC - Part 1
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Natalie's LLC - 2
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DJCasts's Mandi LLC - 2
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Natalie's LLC - 1
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DJCasts's Mandi LLC - 1
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Selena's LLC - Part 2
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Dakkota's Red SLC - Part 3
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Lilith's Black LLC
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Anna's SLC
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Selena's LLC - Part 1
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Dakkota's Red SLC - Part 2
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Dakkota's Red SLC - Part 1
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Meg's LLC - Part 2
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Meg's LLC - Part 1
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Lexxi's Pink Camo LLC & LAC
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Meg's SLC
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Vixen's Blue LLC & Black SLC - 2
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Dawn's Blue SLC
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Vixen's Blue LLC & Black SLC - 1
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Annie's Pink Camo LLC
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Lexxi Nicole's Pink Camo DLAC
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Shirley's Pink LLC
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Morgan's Blue SLC
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Emma's LLC
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Kate's Blue LLC
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Lexxi Nicole's DSLC
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Hailey's LLC & Haley's SLC - 2
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Ariella's Blue LLC - Part 2
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Hailey's LLC & Haley's SLC - 1
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Ariella's Blue LLC
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Alex's Black LLC
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Roxy's Pink Camo SLC
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Lexxi Nicole's Red/Blue DLLC
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Lexxi Nicole's LLC - Part 2
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Lexxi Nicole's LLC - Part 1
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Kate's SLWC
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Angel's LLC
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Skylar's LLC - Part 4
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Skylar's LLC - Part 3
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Skylar's LLC - Part 2
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Skylar's LLC - Part 1
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Michelle's Public LLC - 3
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Michelle's Public LLC - 2
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Michelle's Public LLC - 1
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Fay's 3 Day Plaster SLC
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Skylar's SLC - Part 2
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Skylar's SLC - Part 1
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Liz's LLC - Part 2
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Liz's LLC
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Fay's Orange LLC
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Victoria's 5 Day Plaster SLC Day 5
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Victoria's 5 Day Plaster SLC Day 4
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Fay's Faux Term LLC - Part 2
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Victoria's 5 Day Plaster SLC Day 3
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Fay's Faux Term LLC - Part 1
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Victoria's 5 Day Plaster SLC Day 2
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Victoria's 5 Day Plaster SLC Day 1
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Fay's LLC
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Taylor's 3 Day Plaster SLC - 4
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Taylor's 3 Day Plaster SLC - 3
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Taylor's 3 Day Plaster SLC - 2
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