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Jessica Lynn's Toe Suck Pink SLC - 3

85 pics

In this final gallery, Jessica is totally nude licking and sucking her own toes on her uncasted foot and her uncasted foot.


Mariah's LLC - Part 1

85 pics

Today's update is a beautiful new model Mariah! She's posing her LLC at the photo studio in this first gallery.


Jessica Lynn's Toe Suck Pink SLC - 2

90 pics

Things get hotter in this next gallery from Jessica's toe sucking video. She's now totally nude on the couch posing her pink SLC. Her video expires tonight!


Jessica Lynn's Toe Suck Pink SLC - 1

100 pics

This is the first part of a hot set of new pictures. She starts out on cruches with a cast shoe and then poses her cute casted toes on the couch.


Geena's Candy Cane SLC

100 pics

Geena is a beautiful new model and she's awesome. This first shoot was like an audition and she did great. She really enjoyed it. Wish I had been filming behind the scenes footage. Let me know what you'd like to see her in next!


Jessica's Toe Suck SLC Selfies

7 pics

Here's the selfie pics that Jessica took during her latest 45 minute clip. No login required!


Jessica Lynn Sucks Her Own Toes in a Pink SLC

45 min

Jessica recently broke her leg and is now in a fresh pink SLC. She crutches out and confides to the camera about her accident and what it's like being casted. Her accident was especially embarrassing because it happened in front a guy she likes. She continues to talk as she gives herself a pedicure. Soon Jessica's mood turns to excitement when she strikes up a conversation with the guy she likes and the cast is a hit. After some nude crutching, things get hot as Jessica makes a sexy video for him sucking her own toes.


Quinn's Faux Term Pink LAC - Part 2

100 pics

I've got one more seriously hot gallery of Quinn in her faux term pink LAC. She's looking fantastic in this cast and her poses are great.


Hailey's LLC Application and Behind the Scenes

20 min

I didn't think to turn on my GoPro until after I had the stockinette and padding on Hailey, but I pretty much show the full application after that in POV style. It's a fairly boring clip, showing bits of the rest of the shoot, but there's plenty of toe wiggling. And I appologize for the music... I just opened Pandora and selected pop and so there's some loud, not great, music.


Quinn's Faux Term Pink LAC

8 min

This is a fun little clip about waking up next to Quinn in her 5-ish week old pink LAC as her boyfriend. You wake up first and just check her out for a little bit as she tosses and turns. Later, you're downstairs and she sends you some sexy selfies to lure you back upstairs. Then she comes down and gets you!


Hailey's LLC - Part 2

75 pics

One more Hailey gallery. She's posing her casted toes on the steps and then props her cast up and kicks off her shoe in a waiting room.


Quinn's Faux Term Pink LAC - Part 1

100 pics

For this shoot, we went with the "no makeup" look and when I saw her I didn't recognize her. The good news is that Quinn looks super cute without all the makeup! She's in a faux term pink LAC that looks pretty old and she's doing some super hot and sexy poses on the bed.


Hailey's LLC - Part 1

90 pics

Remember Hailey from 2016? Well, I met back up with her yesterday for an LLC shoot. In this first gallery, she's posing in an old office.


Emma Goes Black Friday Shopping in a Pink LLC

30 min

Emma was wanting to do a shoot, so I suggested we go Black Friday shopping and she said "let's do it". So, I put her in a pink LLC and we headed to a department store. Then she was hungry so we sat down at a fast food restaraunt with her cast propped up on a chair. Finally, we went to the mall where she did a lot of crutching. Log in now to see 30 minutes of Emma out in public in an LLC!


DJCasts' Ripley Red LLC

75 pics

DJCasts is back with a new set of a cute new model Ripley in a red LLC. She's wearing a sexy outfit and poses with some bondage gear on the bed. Also, here's a short clip from the same shoot of Ripley changing clothes.


Alisha's Plaster LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Alisha starts off topless in bed with her aged plaster LLC. It's now tatty and covered in signatures. This is a seriously hot gallery, so check it out!


Alisha's Plaster LLC - Part 1

100 pics

In this gallery, Alisha's plaster LLC is new and she is not very happy about it as she poses for pictures on the couch and in a wheelchair.


Alisha's Faux Term Plaster LLC

21 min

Alisha's in bed in her new plaster cast as she tries to find a comfortable position. Next she goes outside for some crutching and checks her mail. Then we see her inside trying to get around her apartment in a wheelchair. Cut to five weeks later and she's asleep and topless in bed, tossing and turning. We move in for a better view of her cast, which looks quite different than how it looked before. It's now dirty, shiny and worn with lots of signatures.


Lee's Pink SLWC - Part 2

90 pics

Log in now to check out 90 more pictures of the beautiful Lee with her cute casted toes in a pink SLWC.


Lee's Pink SLWC - Part 1

100 pics

Lee is a professional person who models for the fun of it. Check her out at the park in a pink SLWC in this great 100 picture gallery.


Jessica & Quinn Suck Toes in Cast Combos - 2

70 pics

Things move to the bedroom now for one more hot toe licking gallery in arm/leg cast combos. Be sure to check out the clip before Monday!


Susie's SLC

90 pics

Check out the beautiful new model Susie I met for the first time and did an SLC at the park. She just left a job interview so she's dressed nice. Let me know what you think and if you'd like to see more of her.


Jessica & Quinn Suck Toes in Cast Combos

25 min

Jessica and Quinn are seeing each other for the first time since they fell from a balcony at a party. Each of them broke an arm and a leg. They discuss the accident and Quinn offers to rub Jessica's toes. When Jessica offers to return the favor, she wants a taste of Quinn's toes and things get hot. This is just a clip you have to see for yourself. Log in now to check it out.


Jessica & Quinn Suck Toes in Cast Combos - 1

100 pics

Jessica's in a multi-colored LLC/blue LAC and Quinn's in a bright pink SLWC/yellow LAC. In this first gallery, things get hot when Jessica decides to have a taste of Quinn's casted toes. Stay tuned for more pics and a hot clip!


Quinn's LLC - Part 2

100 pics

In this gallery, Quinn poses with this giant teddy bear on the bed with her LLC and fishnet covered toes. As you can see, she had fun with it.


Quinn's LLC - Part 1

80 pics

Welcome new model Quinn to She's actually really always wanted a leg cast and has suggested leaving it on. Hopefully I'll get her to talk about it on camera. For now, she's in a straight LLC with fishnets underneath and a pink Doc Martin. She's still wearing her Halloween costume from the night before :) This pics are from today.


Jessica Lynn's Egyptian Halloween LLWC

19 min

I didn't have an idea for this clip so Jessica just ad-libbed and did a awesome job. She's all dressed up in her Halloween costume with an aged LLWC covered in Egyptian graffiti and she's in the mood for a little role playing. She's your gorgeous goddess Bast-ette. After gimping around in her sexy LLWC, she sits so you can adore her cast and toes for a while. Then she has you watch her walk around again before allowing you to kiss her toes.


Jessica's Egyptian Halloween LLWC - Part 2

60 pics

Here's 60 more super sexy pics of Jessica in her Halloween costume and aged LLWC. She's looking stunning as she poses her cast on the couch.


Alisha's DLAC

15 min

Alisha tries to cope with her sore casted arms in LACs. She has chores to do around the house and she's starting to figure out what she can't do with both arms casted. Pretty much everything is hard, but changing clothes proves almost impossible. There's a bit of sloppy camera work I forgot to edit out, so sorry about that.


Angel's Broken Leg Talk/Shopping Week 6

130 pics

In this final gallery, Angel's six week old faux term LLC is one of the dirtiest, tattiest casts ever. This big gallery starts with Angel at the hardware store and then there's the pics I took while she was making her "tube" video. Finally, there's some fun shots with her Nintendo 64 and standing up with a mic.


Jessica's Egyptian Halloween LLWC - Part 1

60 pics

This shoot is from today! Our reigning Halloween champion is back as an Egyptian goddess in a LLWC as old as the pyramids, a super sexy costume, and high heel boot. She's picked up some cool signatures from ancient Egypt!


Angel's Broken Leg Talk and Shopping - Week 6

18 min

Continued from Angel's last public clip, Angel gives us a recap of the last 6 weeks in her LLC. Next we head out and follow her around the hardware store as she crutches around looking for some work gloves. Her cast is totally covered in signatures and is super worn. The clip ends with a nice closeup toe wiggling shot. For some reason the audio gets out of sync in the last scene, sorry about that.


Alisha's DLAC

100 pics

The super hot Alisha is back in two long arm casts and posing topless in this sexy set. Stay tuned for a great clip and a another public Angel clip!


Victoria's Pointed LLC - Part 2

100 pics

In this excellent gallery, the beautiful Victoria tries on some different sock combinations with her LLC and poses with socks on and off.


Emma's Faux Term Plaster LAC - Part 2

70 pics

Here is the super hot final gallery of Emma's faux term plaster LAC. Emma is on the bed fully nude doing some very sexy poses.


Victoria's Pointed LLC

29 min

Victoria is back and she's in a new pointed toe LLC. First, she's on the couch pleading for some company on snapchat. Next we watch her hop around the kitchen and climb up the stairs. She makes her bed and does some stretches upstairs and finally, she tries on some socks with her cast.


Victoria's Pointed LLC - Part 1

70 pics

Victoria's back and she's looking pouty on the couch in her new pointed LLC. Stay tuned for a really nice gallery and a big clip.


Emma's Faux Term Plaster LAC

21 min

In this clip, we follow Emma through her morning routine in her several week old plaster LAC. After tackling many tasks and takes a relaxing bath.


Emma's Faux Term Plaster LAC - Part 1

100 pics

In this super hot 100 picture gallery, Emma takes a nice relaxing bubble bath with her old plaster LAC in a cast protector.


Alisha's LLC - Part 2

70 pics

Alisha's back at her place stretching and trying to get comfortable on the couch. Let me know what cast you'd like to see Alisha do next!


Angel Breaks Her Leg Again for LLC Pics

60 pics

Angel broke her leg again by jumping off a chair and now she's in this angled LLC with foot turned inward. She poses her cast on the bed.


Alisha's LLC

11 min

Alisha's in an LLC and crutches to the park, then we get some nice closeup shots of her feet. Then she stretches and tries to get comfortable at home.


Angel Breaks Her Leg Again to get an LLC

23 min

You're Angel's classmate at college and she comes over to "talk about class", but she's really there to find out if you share her interest in casts and will help her out after she breaks her leg again. You agree and she jumps off the chair with heels on. Next you're back home with her new LLC and she's happy but in extreme pain. You take her upstairs where you invites you to have a closer look at her cast and touch it.


Rashele's Replica LAC

100 pics

100 great studio shots of Rashele posing in her blue LAC just like the one she had in college.


Alisha's LLC - Part 1

75 pics

Welcome the beautiful new model Alisha! In this gallery, she's at the park clutching her sore casted leg and posing her feet on a park bench.


Rashele's Replica LAC

10 min

Rashele is back already in a replica of the LAC she had in college. She didn't let anyone sign her original LAC so this one is free of signatures. In this clip, she sits on the couch and tells me what she remembers about it.


Angel's Broken Leg Talk/Shopping Week 3 - Part 2

100 pics

Back from the store, Angel's looking a bit pouty as she props her LLC up on the table then takes off her shoe and then pulls the big tube sock off.


Angel's Broken Leg Talk/Shopping Week 3 - Part 1

50 pics

Angel's cast is aged about three weeks and she's wearing a tube sock over it. Up next the shoe and socks come off in a really nice gallery.


Angel's Broken Leg Talk and Shopping - Week 3

33 min

With an aged LLC and tube sock, Angel makes another "tube" video to update her fans on her first three weeks of being casted. Next, she heads out in public to go shopping at a department store. She's also wearing a mic, so you can hear everything she says. After some fun at the store, she stops for gas.


Rashele's SLC

7 min

New model Rashele crutches, wiggles her toes and talks about having an LAC in college. Also about the time she was on crutches for a couple of months.


Angel's Broken Leg Talk/Shopping Part 2 Stills

100 pics

This gallery is 100 still frames from an upcoming Angel clip that takes place about three weeks after her last clip. Rashele's clip is coming up next. Enjoy this action packed gallery in the meantime.


Rashele's SLC - Part 2

50 pics

And here's some studio shots of Rashele in her SLC taken at the end of the shoot. Stay tuned for her clip coming up on Friday.


June's Blue SAC

3 pics

Photographer Trev sent in these pics of his model wife June. She fell in high heels on a fetish shoot and broke her arm.


Rashele's SLC - Part 1

50 pics

Rashele is a country girl and a "free spirit". She loves fetishes and finds them interesting so we did our first shoot yesterday. She's been casted before. Find out about it in her clip coming up this week!


Jessica Lynn's Post-HS LLC Talk and Tease

12 min

This clip is sort of a sequel to the upcoming 1.5 HS clip on Fantacast. After that shoot, we left her leg casted for a bit, took a break and made this. I just set the GoPro in front of Jessica and she told about her experience with the 1.5 HS and how her mean doctor made her keep her 2 month old LLC on instead of a new one. Then things get hot as she does a bit of foot teasing.


Jessica Lynn's Post-HS Faux Term LLC

80 pics

Yesterday, I did a 1.5 hip spica shoot with Jessica Lynn for Fantacast (coming soon), but after that shoot we decided to leave the leg casted and do some more pictures and a clip. I'll post that clip later this week!


Paradise's Festival LLC

15 min

Paradise went to a local street festival in an LLC and did a LOT of crutching, had some fun, and got a lot of attention. My video would have been way longer, but I had some technical difficulties. It's a good clip anyways, so enjoy!


Paradise's Festival LLC

30 pics

Paradise went to a street festival in an LLC yesterday. Here's the pictures. Stay tuned for the clip coming up in a few days!


Jessica Lynn's Plaster LAC/SATS Interview - Part 2

100 pics

Jessica has gotten her SATS removed, but she still enjoys playing with it. Jessica poses her plaster LAC and legs on the couch after a fun night.


Jessica Lynn's Plaster LAC/SATS Interview - Part 1

100 pics

This hot gallery follows the story line of the video. Sit across the desk from Jessica Lynn while checking out her worn arm casts, legs, and high heels.


Angel Broken Leg Talk, Shopping LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Angel poses her LLC and feet on the couch some more after taking the big tube sock off of her cast.


Jessica Lynn's Plaster LAC & SATS Job Interview

24 min

You're the boss and conducting interviews for a new position. Jessica Lynn comes in with a plaster LAC in a sling and an extremely worn plaster SATS. She's looking very professional and sexy in a short dress with heels. Before long, Jessica realizes you're fixated on her casts and takes full advantage!


Angel Broken Leg Talk, Shopping LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Angel poses her LLC outside on crutches and then relaxes on the couch and begins taking off her socks.


Emma's Red LLC - Part 2

55 pics

Here's some more hot pics of Emma posing nude in her LLC... first with some musical equipment and then on a staircase.


Angel's Broken Leg Talk and Shopping

31 min

Angel just broke her leg and she's making a video about it to vent to her followers. Then we follow her with a hidden cam as she crutches at a home improvement store, grabs some groceries, and takes a break at a coffee shop.


Emma's Red LLC - Part 1

75 pics

Yesterday Emma and I got together for a spontaneous shoot. She in a red LLC posing nude in an office building. Stay tuned for more!


Sugarfut's Various Summer SLCs

50 pics

Here's the latest contribution from Sugarfut. She says the red cast is med from a high ankle sprain and she's been showing it off everywhere she goes.


Adara Jordan's Black LLWC - Part 3

100 pics

We found this giant teddy bear at the photo studio and decided to have some fun with it. I think you'll agree that this is one lucky teddy bear!


Adara Jordan's Black LLWC Foot Worship

13 min

Adara carefully walks around in her LLWC and even walks up and down some steps, but then things get steamy with a spontaneous foot worship session with her feet propped up on the bed. This is a super hot clip!


Adara Jordan's Black LLWC - Part 2

40 pics

Adara poses her LLWC on the couch and up in the loft. The best gallery is yet to come, plus stay tuned for an awesome clip.


Adara Jordan's Black LLWC - Part 1

100 pics

The very beautiful and sexy Adara Jordan is back in a black LLWC with a wooden block in the heel. She's looking super hot in her dress and glasses!


Scarlett's Purple LLC

12 min

This is an observational clip starting with the camera approaching Scarlett's window. You've got a perfect view of Scarlett trying to get comfortable in her cast on the couch as she stretches and moves her legs and toes.


Scarlett's Purple LLC - Part 1

100 pics

The beautiful Scarlett is back in a purple LLC with a short dress and purple nails. Check out Scarlett looking super hot in this 100 pic gallery.


Jessica Lynn's Burgundy 90° LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Jessica's public crutching clip in her 90 degree LLC expires tomorrow, so check it out. Here's 100 more hot pictures of Jessica posing indoors.


Emma's Blue LLC

10 min

This is Emma's first cast other than a soft cast. She hops at the studio and then we head out for public crutching. Back at the studio, she changes clothes.


Emma's Blue LLC - Part 2

70 pics

Back at the studio, Emma changes into a bra and skirt and we take some sexy pics of her on the bed with her glasses on.


Jessica Lynn Crutches to Another State in a 90° LLC

39 min

In this 39 minute clip, Jessica is in a dark red 90 degree LLC with a pointed toe and the ball of her foot showing. She's also wearing a high heel boot (and a big sock over her cast about half the time). First we head out to a bridge that goes over state lines for some public crutching footage. Jessica is wearing a mic so you can hear everything she says and she is very talkative. Later, she hops around making a sandwich and sits down for a little sock play.


Emma's Blue LLC - Part 1

130 pics

Emma was referred to me by a friend who saw her cute feet. She was a lot of fun, so let me know if you want to see more of her. Check out these pictures we took out in public and stay tuned for one more hot gallery.


Jessica Lynn's Burgundy 90° LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Jessica Lynn is in a 90° LLC with a pointed toe. The cast is short on the foot, so the ball of her foot is showing, which makes for some great shots from behind. Stay tuned for an awesome crutching clip coming up soon!


Victoria's Faux Term Plaster SLWC - Part 3

100 pics

This is one hot gallery! Just like in the clip, Victoria is now on the bed in two plaster SLCs and pointing at her casts as she tells you to worship them!


Victoria's Faux Term Plaster SLWC - Part 2

70 pics

The beautiful Victoria is out back looking amazing in her worn plaster SLWC, standing and sitting with her feet propped up. Her LE clip expires tonight!


Victoria's Faux Term Plaster SLWC - Part 1

110 pics

Originally, this shoot was going to look like it was in the 70's, but I screwed up by having Starbucks and a cell phone in the clip. Anyways, enjoy Victoria looking gorgeous in her very thick and worn SLWC with 70's hair/makeup.


Victoria's Plaster DSLC Slapstick/Foot Worship

21 min

You are Victoria's clumsy friend that ran over her foot with your car. She's in a thick plaster SLC with the entire ball of her foot showing. Victoria agrees to let you come over and do things around the house for her, but that turns out to be a disaster. You just make things worse by constantly bumping into and dropping things on her cast. It's so bad, she kicks you out. A month or so later, she forgives you for that and agrees to let you take her bowling. Cut to later and she's in another plaster SLC because you dropped a bowling ball on her other foot. At this point, Victoria wants you to rub and worship her feet to make it up to her. And of course, you do!


Angel's Faux Med Plaster LAC - 5/6 Weeks

80 pics

Angel's plaster LAC is now completely covered in signatures and filthy after more than five weeks. She comes over on her skateboard to show it off.


Angel's Faux Med Plaster LAC - 4 Weeks

70 pics

This gallery goes with the "week 4" part of Angel's clip where we find her sleeping. Angel is alseep at first and then wakes up to pose with her cast.


Angel's Med Plaster LAC Month

24 min

Angel comes over to visit after hurting her arm while skateboarding. She seems disappointed that it's probably not broken, but you offer to take her to get an X-ray. Next week she's back over in a plaster LAC and she wants you to be the first to sign it. Later, it's week four and you find her still asleep in bed, so you sneak into the bedroom for a closer look at her very worn LAC. Then, at the end of week 5, Angel comes over on her skateboard to hang out and talk about her LAC, how jealous she was of Victoria's casts, and how much her LAC smells. Finally, she comes over after the cast change in a blue fiber SAC and talks about how she wants you to cast her next time.


Jennifer's LLWC

18 min

In this clip, Jennifer walks around in her LLWC, pausing to wiggle her toes for the camera. She really liked her LLWC and the ability to walk on it. She lays on her excercise mat and does some exercises before heading back inside. She had mentioned always wanting a cast and so I asked her about it on film.


Jessica's Faux Term Plaster LLC - 6 Weeks

150 pics

This is one super hot gallery of Jessica completely nude in her aged plaster LLC! Not wearing makeup, Jessica does some very sexy poses on the bed. Don't miss this huge 150 gallery or the matching clip expiring tomorrow!


Jennifer's LLWC - Part 2

90 pics

Now Jennifer is outside on her mat doing leg lifts in her LLWC, tennis shoes and tight shorts. Log in now to check out these 90 great pics.


Jessica Lynn's Plaster LLC Date

28 min

Last night, you met Jessica at the bar and today she's meeting you over at your place. You were the first person to sign her cast. You can't take your eyes off her cast or her toes and she notices. She lets you ask her three questions by writing them on the cast. You ask her to spend the night as she says yes, but first she has you watch you in her cast for a while. Next, you wake up in bed next to her three weeks later. She's wearing nothing but her plaster cast and it's absolutely filthy and covered in signatures.


Jennifer's LLWC - Part 1

60 pics

The beautiful Jennifer is back for the first time since her purple LLC. She's dressed for a workout in short shorts and an LLWC, which she really liked.


Jessica's Faux Term Plaster LLC - 3 Weeks

85 pics

These pics are from a new clip coming up on Sunday. Jessica's plaster LLC is three weeks old and up until now she's only let one person sign it. I wonder what it will look like at the six week mark? Find out Sunday :)


Jessica's Plaster LLC - Selfie Gallery

18 pics

Here is a special selfie gallery that Jessica took on our last shoot. Here's a spoiler on our next clip... she's at the "3 week" mark in her plaster LLC!


Scarlett's LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Things get a bit steamier as Scarlett poses her LLC in bed with just some sexy lingerie. There are some real gems in this gallery, so check it out!


Scarlett's LLC

14 min

Once you get past the fact that I accidentally filmed this clip in "standard definition" with my action cam (D'oh!), you'll find that it's still a great clip. Scarlette crutches around the apartment, hops around the kitchen, makes her way up the stairs and takes plenty of time to rest her leg and wiggle her toes.


Scarlett's LLC - Part 1

150 pics

The very beautiful Scarlett is new at Cast Fetish and these pictures were taken just a few hours ago! In this 150 picture gallery, she's posing her LLC on the couch with a Chuck Taylor shoe. This is only the second time she's modeled, but I think you'll agree that she's very good at it!


Ayn's Faux Term Plaster DLAC

16 min

Ayn is in two plaster LACs covered in signatures. She started changing for pictures and after about a minute, I said "I should be filming this" and she agreed. So, after struggling to change clothes, she paints her toe nails and struggles to drink some water. Unfortunately the pizza guy never showed up.


Unicorn Sprinkles' Green LLC, Reagan's Black LAC

130 pics

DJCasts brings us another two girl set with Unicorn Sprinkles in the green LLC and Reagan in the black LAC. As you can see, things get hot in this set.


Ayn's Faux Term Plaster DLAC

60 pics

I just got home from this shoot, so these pics are fresh out of the camera! Ayn is a new model with a great attitude that had a blast. In her first cast shoot, she's wearing two faux term plaster LACs. Clip coming up this week.


Jessica Lynn's Faux Term DSLC - Part 3

90 pics

Jessica finishes peeling off her socks to reveal a set of extremely worn and dirty SLCs, then she does a bunch of hot poses on the couch.


Jessica Lynn's Faux Term DSLC - Part 2

70 pics

It's now "weeks later" and Jessica has broken her other leg and now has two SLCs. She's wearing tube socks and cast shoes and starts to take them off!


Jessica Lynn's Faux Term DSLC - Part 1

50 pics

Jessica Lynn is in just one SLC with a sock and cast shoe, just like the first part of her clip. She poses with crutches and starts to take her sock off.


Jessica Lynn's Leg Break DSLC

31 min

Jessica crutches down a trail at the park telling us how she broke her leg and got an SLC. Then ponders out loud how it would be to have two SLCs and how she could make that happen. She decides that she will crutch in a high heel and just see what happens. Sure enough, she breaks her other ankle right away. Skip to around a month later and she's got two filthy, worn SLCs covered in signatures. She tells us all about what it's been like, all the attention she's been getting, and what a turn on it's been.


Paradise Goes Antiquing in a FT LLC - Part 2

50 pics

That awesome half-hour Paradise clip expires tomorrow. Here's the matching gallery. She's now in an electric scooter with her cast propped up on a crutch!


Sugarfut's Purple SLC

11 pics

Here's some new pics sent in by Sugarfut of her purple SLC. She says "we will do a llc when we hit 1k on Instagram..... also we have casts on auction and we just bought some crutches:)"


Paradise Goes Antiquing in a faux term LLC - Part 2

32 min

Paradise gets a break from the crutches and set up with an electric scooter in this clip. A helpful person even signs her foot and props her cast up on a crutch for her. Her faux term LLC sticking straight out with a perfect view of her wiggling toes. She gets a lot of attention from staff and customers.


Adara Jordan's Red LLC - Part 3

90 pics

Adara is now completely nude on the bed posing her red LLC with her hot, tan body. This gallery is so hot, the preview above does not do it justice.


Adara Jordan's Red LLC

8 min

In this clip, I've got Adara Jordan at the photo studio. First, she crutches in lingerie and a high heel (which she thought would be easier). Next, she's nude and crutching in an boot. Finally, there's a toe wiggling shot on the bed.


Adara Jordan's Red LLC - Part 2

70 pics

The super hot and cute Adara Jordan strips down to her lingerie in this set. The poses get even hotter and she shows more of her body and even takes some pics with my camera from her POV of her red LLC and high heel.


Paradise Goes Antiquing in a FT LLC - Part 1

60 pics

Paradise heads out to the antique mall in her faux term LLC. In this gallery, she's crutching around, shopping, and posing her LLC with antiques.


Adara Jordan's Red LLC - Part 1

80 pics

The incredibly sexy Adara Jordan is back in a red LLC. Starting off with with a tube sock over her LLC, a heel, and fully clothed, the pictures become increasingly revealing. Stay tuned for some even hotter galleries.


Paradise Goes Antiquing in a faux term LLC - Part 1

23 min

In this clip, Paradise and I head out to a busy antique mall after putting her in a faux term LLC. This time I've figured out a way to film her from the front the whole time, capturing some of my best public footage ever. Paradise crutches all over the mall, stopping to check out antiques and pose for pictures. Stay tuned for part 2 when she gets a chair and even more attention.


Tristan's Blue LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Now Tristan is laying in bed, half asleep with her cute sock pulled up over her blue LLC. She changes positions to get comfortable and admires her cast.


Tristan's Blue LLC

21 min

Here's a great 21 minute clip starring Tristan in her first cast and co-starring Jessica Lynn. Tristan spends the first part of the clip doing chores around the house in her LLC. Then she scoots up the stairs with her socks on for a conversation with Jessica about casts and her first cast experience.


EJ and Wife's Three Day SLC Vacation - Part 3

60 pics

On the last day of their vacation, EJ gets some nice shots of his wife relaxing in bed and some nice close-ups And even some pics of her foot after the removal.


Sarah and Abby Make Out in LLC & LAC

6 min

Remember the Sarah and Abby pics from a year ago? DJCasts recently sent me this footage. Sarah's in a red LLC and Abby's in a blue camo LAC. They're signing each other's casts when things get hot. They have a nice make out session and Sarah even sucks Abby's casted fingers. Thanks DJCasts!


EJ and Wife's Three Day SLC Vacation - Part 2

135 pics

It's another big day for EJ's wife in her black SLC. the gallery starts with her getting ready in the morning, then she heads out on her scooter to spend the day in public. They go antiquing and to other stores with great close-up shots.


Tristan's Blue LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Tristan is our newest model at CF and she's really cool and enjoyed the shoot. She's friends with Jessica Lynn and we did this first shoot at her place. Stay tuned for another gallery with lots of shots of her socks on both feet.


EJ and Wife's Three Day SLC Vacation - Part 1

90 pics

EJ and wife recently went on a three day vacation with her in a black SLC. In this gallery, they visit some historical places with her on a knee scooter, then cast shoe. Then some nice closeup shots of her SLC while she naps.


Sage's Pink DSLC & Reagan's Orange LLC

1 min

Sage and Reagan get naked in this clip from DJCasts and get a little silly talking about their casts.


Chasity's Faux Term Plaster LAC and Lingerie

4 min

Chasity is tossing and turning in bed as the camera examines her aged plaster LAC. Then she talks about her cast and how it feels.


Sage's Pink DSLC & Reagan's Orange LLC

70 pics

DJCasts has done another hot shoot with the sexy Sage and Reagan. These girls are having fun in their LLC and DSLC and strip naked in this gallery!


Victoria's Foot/Cast Worship LLC

70 pics

Victoria starts out with a big, thick sock pulled up over her LLC, then takes it off to reveal a stocking. Then she teases with the stocking and casted toes.


Chasity's Faux Term Plaster LAC and Lingerie

70 pics

The beautiful Chasity is back in some red lingerie modeling a faux term plaster LAC. The gallery starts off with selfies and then some sexy poses.


Victoria's Foot/Cast Worship LLC

31 min

This clip was completely ad-libbed by Victoria. The idea was, what if Victoria had an LLC in her previous foot/cast worship clip? The clip starts out with Victoria catching you sneaking around her room to look at her cast. She seems suspicious of you and asks you to keep hanging out as she deliberately teases you with her socks and "casted toes". Things continue to escalate as Victoria asks you to rub her toes and then suck her toes.


Jennifer's Purple LLC

7 min

Jennifer is in a purple LLC crutching for the very first time. She's very fit and has a nice tan body. Crutching is a little tricky for her at first, but she starts to get the hang of it after a few minutes. Next she does some stretches and excercises in her LLC. Finally, there's a nice long toe wiggling shot at the end.


Jennifer's Purple LLC - Part 2

100 pics

Jennifer is now wearing only lingerie and her purple LLC showing off her hot tan body on the bed. Let me know what you'd like to see Jennifer do next!


Jennifer's Purple LLC - Part 1

100 pics

Welcome our newest model Jennifer as she makes her Cast Fetish debut in a purple LLC. Jennifer has a great body and is very fit. She crutches for the first time and poses as if she's trying to stretch and excercise in her LLC. She found the casting experience "very interesting". Great pics inside!


Jessica Lynn's Faux Term Plaster LAC - Part 3

100 pics

I don't know if words can express how hot this gallery is. If you thought the last gallery was sexy, wait until you see this! This gallery is mostly POV shots in bed from above and below Jessica. The previews above are nothing compared to what's in the gallery, so go see for yourself!


Sugarfut's Grey SLC and Boot

15 pics

Here's some new pics sent in by Sugarfut of her in a grey SLWC and boot!
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