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CCBill is my preferred method of joining. b
ut if you cannot join via CCBill, I can manually set up an account for you after you send payment by PayPal or by Postal Mail.


PayPal Method:

- First, email me to find out the correct PayPal address (email me from your PayPal email address).
- Let me know if you'd like to join Cast Fetish, Fantacast or both and for how many months.
- Cast Fetish is $30 per month and Fantacast is $27 per month. You may also join for extended periods for a discounted rate.
- Let me know the username and password you'd like (or I'll make one up for you).
- I will confirm the price, give you the PayPal address and manually create your account upon receiving payment.


Postal Mail Method:

- You may send money via check, cash or money order. For postal mail signups, there are three options: 3 months for $80, 6 months for $150, and one year for $270.
- Checks and money orders must be made out to CF Productions.
- Payments must be mailed to:

CF Productions
PO BOX 301

South Vienna, OH

- Do NOT send cash unless you take precautions to conceal it. Cash should be mailed via Priority Mail in a thick cardboard envelope with tracking. I will NOT give you the benefit of the doubt if you claim you mailed cash and it does not arrive.
- In addition, either send me an email letting me know that you've mailed payment and let me know what username and password you'd like OR just include this information in the envelope with your payment.


I understand that joining manually is a pain! But after you've done it a few times, you'll know the routine. Also, I do prefer recurring CCBill memberships because the goal of the site is to keep a steady membership, so if you have problems with CCBill you can also try giving them a call to see what the problem is. They're very friendly and usually eager to help.


















Literally, the fastest shipping I've had from any company!